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May 17, 2009
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Arlekiin by Iardacil Arlekiin by Iardacil
Tal on üks süda täita
Tal on üks poolik suu
Tal on üks pime valgus
Aja sees on tühi ruum

Ta võtab hirmu kaasa
Kuhu aeg on liimitud
Aeg on sulatada liiprid
Aeg on hajutada kuud

Seisab keset põldu üksik arlekiin
Langev rahe küsib: sõber kuhu ma sind viin
Läbi lume, läbi lume suudlen sinu silmi
Vaatad oma elu nagu igivana filmi

Tahaks loota jumalasse
Kuid ta usub vahemaid
Kui need jäävad liiga pikaks
Ta ei lõhu ahelaid

Ta ei pääse sinna sisse
Kus on valutasakaal
Jumal tema jaoks on elus
Kuid ta elab võõral maal

Indigolapsed - Arlekiin

For :iconkechake:... for a dear friend, great supporter.. and amazing artist. I think if we both look back for our first meeting (do you remember it :P).. I never thought some years later we both would be here.. making art.. both still active in LARP.. I probably thought we just met for a moment and never see each other again.. and I am so glad it did not went that way as I treasure your friendship and support dearly.

Storms of times... passing by...

My entry for =Misty2007 and =CSnyder "Stormy Weather" contest

Idea what I have had in my mind for weeks and just needed the right time to get it out. Sorry, those lyrics are in Estonia and there is no way I could manage to translate them without changing the meaning. It is one word play after another.. and most of those sentences do not make even sense but together they really bring out something unique.. the message, the melody.. But you can listen in here: [link] (forth song at the top) Thanks for ~Sotsiofoobik for the link

Anyway.. I try to explain as best as I can what I wanted to say and what the image means to me. The name Harlequin comes from Commedia dell'arte.. and that char should be funny and very flexible, aerobic. But the song I got the inspiration.. it is very dark and very deep and thoughtful. So there was like two opposite views for me to start and even if I was planning to with the first one and create that kind of desert/time concept with eternity.. like that char never looses the role and even now the concept is still much used.. That was the plan but while working on the model and just trying to find her a right background I stumbled across that beautiful scenery and in that second I imagined the line from the song (Seisab keset põldu üksik arlekiin, Langev rahe küsib: sõber kuhu ma sind viin/In the middle of field stands lonely harlequin. Falling hail asks: friend, where I will take you).. That line just became alive in my mind and I could not go back for the original concept of Harlequin and continued with my vision, what I got from the song when I heard it first time.. without knowing what the word "harlequin" means.

So, for me.. this image is loneliness, solitude. Being timeless, alone and dreaming, hoping.. Maybe for higher power.. maybe for overcoming the distance, I am not sure.. but there is so much on her mind - so much to dream and wonder.. so much to search and find.. all those questions and no answers. And it most be hard.. maybe not just knowing all the questions and few answers, life is like that.., but being alone with those questions.. And that violin, with three strings.. One broken and good for the dust of time.. It symbolize the way time just passes by.. and we have no power to stop it.

The hail/snow.. and those leaves.. old memories, passing time.. autumn turning to winter.. all good things come to end sooner or later.. time flows by and we have no power to stop it.. Maybe it is my desperate cry, trying to hold up the moment, not letting it pass, missing old times.. those people and faces and laughter around me that now is gone.. those voices, those memories what still linger inside me but what have faded..

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