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November 29, 2012
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Isya's Betrayal by Iardacil Isya's Betrayal by Iardacil
For :iconelestra:

(done while listening Vangelis - 12 O'Clock. [link] Best inspirational music for that kind of image)

This is inspired by her writing that she gave me to read a week ago. For me, the most intriguing char was Isya. Even though she had just a brief appearance, I was taken my her mystery, unknown reasons of actions and most of all - her past.

There, in her story, there is a scene, when Isya meets Soran again - her only childhood friend. They grew up in very hard conditions and it can be said that they were childhood sweethearts but then the powers beyond their control separated them. Years later they meet again. He is grown up and became part of that cruel world whose victim they were as a children. He is now Swordbrother, sworn to protect the system. She is almost lost her own will by the cruelty she has been exposed to. He is ordered to torture her (in most simple way said) and instead of refusing as she is his friend, he is blinded by the system and is too much of a coward to do the right action. He leaves the room and never knows what happens to her. In most likely probability she will die. He knows that but still walks away.

Years go by. Soran, on a mission, is captured by the enemy, tortured and then turned to work against the system he despised as a child but server as an adult. He is sent back to his homeland and by accident his path crosses with Isya again. He never even dreamt that she is still alive. How did she escaped, he wonders. Will she ever forgive him what he did? But he needs information and so he decided to take a risk and believe he knew her - he approach her in a party. First, Isya is shocked. She thought when Soran was captured the enemy he was killed. Now he stands there in front of her. All the pain and her past demons reminding her again who she used to be and what the system did for her. So, she walks away. Saying nothing, face emotionless.

But Soran follows her and she leads her away to the closed corridor. She just stand there, in front of the window and he comes up with all the excuses why he did what he did. I do not think she even listens. She just stands there, staring to the pale moonlight and waits until the guards come. She signaled them before they left the ballroom. She did not even give him a change. She did not care why he was back. She did not lied to the them when they asked who he is. "He is Soran, turned Swordbrother. He's a traitor!"

And Soran just stood ther. Let the guards unarm him, bound him. He did not put up a fight. He was just so shocked that the only person in his old life, who he had dearly cared could just betray him so easily. No emotion, no explanation, just that ice cold expression on her face, looking like nothing matters. Just standing there and letting the enemy, who used to be her enemy and the system he worked for, take him.

I always wondered why did she do that. I know, he hurt her, but he was not the only one. She should have known that no matter what he said and if he refused, it would not have saved her. But the coldness and no second thoughts. Leading Soran to trap and just standing there, letting him speak, knowing that he will have no escape and now he will be the one ending up dead. Not just letting it happen but being the force behind the arrest. For me, all the other instances in the story, she was the one manipulated by others. Used by others, always passive. Once she takes the action. Why, I wonder.

So.. the story and the scene intrigued me and it was written so descriptively that an image came into my mind and now (when I am done with NaNoWriMo) I decided it is the time to put that image in my head into visual form.

It was many ours of work, mainly trying to find the right stock what was almost impossible and trying to get the light right. It was fun to paint and calculate the angles of light beams and trying to get the shadows of the window right.. I just hope you will like it :)

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