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January 6, 2007
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Dec 15, 2006, 3:56:04 PM
Queen for a Day by Iardacil Queen for a Day by Iardacil
Queen for a Day
Queen of the Night

This is for For the kind support for my stock, my works, all DA with such a wonderful contest... And her stock in fantastic :DI just hope you are not sick anymore and my work brings some sun to your day :)

Queen of the Day - Queen for a Day... When Queen for the night was a little girl with a face like.. I will kill this butterfly in the next moment.. then this one.. She is defenetly older, seen more life, witness good and bad things, but her heart - this is oriented to care and love for the world. In her heart, there is no space for hate or anger and the sun seems always shine in her face, even on the darkest nights.. But she is no queen, in matter of fact.. Just another no-one.. from nowhere.. And on the most beautiful summer day.. she went for a walk, played in forest, weaved a daisy chain in the mead... And then her path took her into the beach.. And there, on the sun warm sand she found a flute.. A magic flute.. And for her surprise the flute talk to her and told - that inside that music instrument lives a prince who have been captured by evil magician. If someone would pick up that flute and would play it for a day until the sun sets, then the prince would be free. She didn't asked what he will give for her, she was almost picking it up.."I will make you a Queen," flute promised, "just play..." And she did... On the moment her lips touched the instrument... she turned into the Queen.. Most beautiful lady ever seen.. And she played.. That beach was filled with magic, most beautiful and wonderful melodies ever heard. This was the music from sincere, kind and loving heart who didn't stand away from helping others.. But in the sunset.. something started to change... And she almost felt like.. she is going to be carried away by the cool breeze from the sea.. Like she would be the sand.. so light.. almost like not existing.. And yes.. she was turning into sand... "Thank you for freeing me... I had waited long enough to revenge for that witch who thought I betrayed her love and cursed me.. My revenge will be sweet and you're rule has ended. You were Queen for a Day and you freed me.. Know, that I am son of Darkness, brother of the Night and you just gave me a free way to this world.." And she was carried away by the wind... And that flute.. it laid in that sand.. until some wave took it with it.. and carried it away.. for the unknown journey in the endless seas of Life.

Queen for a Day.. I know.. The story is.. somehow sad but the idea of those "Queens" are to show that life is not so black-and-white. There is no pure good, no pure bad. There are things in our life that form us.. Mentors who guide us, faith that challenge us.. We can never know that what we hear is true.. We can never know that what is told to us is right.. We can never take things as granted. Everything is relative. Queen for the Night - she had never seen anything so beautiful like that butterfly.. but still.. her face expression shows evil emotions.. And Queen for a Day.. her heart was too good.. for the world like this.. She didn't asked.. she believed, never had a second thought.. Who is right? What is right? Who did more good than other? Or we all are just dirty souls - filled with black thoughts or naive hearts that never think before doing? And this series.. It is about faith too.. (that part can you figure out by yourself)

By this work.. I started to work after I finished the "Queen of the Nigh".. This means.. week ago.. I studied in the same time for my math exam.. so not much time.. And must say.. if you would see the some first versions of this work.. you would faith.. it was awful.. So glad I finally made it.. The head was the most hardest thing.. to find proper one.. But this one.. just perfect.. The reflection in her eyes, the sincere and innocent look.. Just what I needed.. :) So.. How many hours? Too many.. today.. at least mm.. (it's 1.15 A.M.. I came from exam.. 1.00PM.. ok.. calculate.. ok.. I eat on that time.. I.. spent an hour behind TV (I almost missed "prison Break" at least I saw final 30 minutes) and quite many hours before today.. But I think the result is worth of it :) Again, many painting.. I love the head but there was so much to draw.. More hair.. that wonderful "crown" (best choice for head.. really).. that ribbon.. (You don't want to see some earlier results.. when I tried to work that out..) Ok.. defenetly much, much more.. Those two works are really the ones.. I have spent most of time.. This one I like :)

Head atistatplay
Dress: PersephoneStock
Pose reference and flute: intergalacticstock (backrground + textures) and personal stock
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This is just so pretty!
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I adore your beautiful gallery :worship: :clap: :dalove:
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Thank you :D
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so gracefuland gorgeous
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Thank you so much! I was stumped at what to draw and I started looking at your beautiful art, Ideas just started forming in my mind and I'm so glad I found your art. I am NOT copying it. No. I don't do that. But your art has inpired me to try drawing new things. Thanks so much!
Iardacil Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
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Thank you so much! Looking at your art, I began to get inspired. I was stumped at what to draw, and now I have endless pictures running through my mind. Thanks you so much and I love your art so much!
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