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June 19, 2007
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Tifa Lockhart by Iardacil Tifa Lockhart by Iardacil
Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're thinking... - Tifa

Something different this time. And this is manipulation. Many thanks for Emma for gorgeous stock :) This will be something new from me for a long time.. I cannot promise nothing new until autumn :cry:

For all Final Fantasy fans and my dear friend :iconpaulooliveira: who had birthday not long ago.

I think you all recognize the scene I tried to recreate.

I am quite happy with this. I am not sure her body position is correct. I tried to play it true with my wooden (not sure how it is said.. the little wooden thing for proportions) doll.

Yesterday, I was packing, going trough the music and decide what to take with us. And I found Advent Children there (wrong place, defenetly) but I decided to play it - it can talk while I pack. But then it come out that the movie was in Japanese not in english, but I decided to sit and watch. And not long after, I found that my sisters have joined me.

It was, to be honest, the second time I saw it. First i was never heard much of the game, I had not played it yet. Now, when the game is almost over, it was so much better to see it, to understand it. And it just amazed me, got me... the movement, dynamic of the motion. That what I tried to show here - dynamic, movement.. even if we are not sure what moves and which way.

I think it was after the first time I saw that movie that I would like to create something inspired from that. I have seen great digital paintings here but I am not painter, (I have tried but I am awful). So it was challenging. I knew very well what I wanted, I had clear vision but find the stock and make it look "yours" but still recognizable I wanted to make it look like painted at first as I painted that half skirt thing Tifa has. (I am not good painter, I knew) But I not managed to make her look like painted, so I am sorry if this bothers.

I had quite long time with stained glass. I feel like I created my own :) I have never have change to do it in real life even if I have wanted. Now I can do it all digitally. I am not sure how the church looked in the movie but I tried to create something that, for me at least, reassembles with it. And when my little sister saw it, she asked me - where did I get a church so like as the one there. When she looked closely, she defenetly understand it was not the same and quite different but it has it's effect :)

Anything more? Dynamic.. movement.. Tifa, my favorite. Why? Because when I started to play I know Aeris will die and I didn't want to boost a char I will lose - so I played with Tifa and I started to love it ( My usual party Cloud, Vincent and Tifa)... I wish there would me more FF stock around as there are another scene I have in my mind I would like to manip. Who knows..

And I am sad that all other Final Fantasies were made for playstation (ok I think one over ten was made for online playing)

Have a nice summer :) I will be off to country

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wadafuq lol dat face?
Batty-Phoenix Jun 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW! Only just found this! Brilliant!!!
coool i love tifa she is soo nice
another fav for the pic!
you should do more FF stuff
you think? I am not very happy with this image
i think the face is a little odd for tifa, she has a thinner face, slightly mediteranian features.
gotta admit though seeing how long ago you made it its pretty awesome. and i love the petals. :3
you should have another crack at the FF genre, seeing how amazing you are now XD
mm.. the face is model's face.. and she had some kind of asian features.. not that they somehow come out here...
lol yeah
you should attempt a scene from FFX2
here >> [link]=ppPMicQLJJs
(this would be awesome because i dont think i have seen a technological peice from you yet hehe would be a good chalange! XD)
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