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December 30, 2007
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Where Are We Going From Here by Iardacil Where Are We Going From Here by Iardacil
On a long road, miles to go
Its winding and cold and its covered with snow
But I ask you what we all want to know
Where are we going from here...

Tracing the trails through the mirrors of time
Spinning in circles with riddles in rhyme
We lose our way, trying to find
Searching to find our way home...
Trying to find our way home...

Blackmore's Night - Where Are We Going From Here
(you can listen it here: [link] )

For *WCS-Wildcat "Melody of winter" contest

And dedication will go to `LuneBleu as she has been so supportive and not long ago she dedicated stunning piece for me and I someway want to give back to her what she is given to me. Thank you :hug:

Again.. a work what I felt I am not able to finish. First the hard thing for me was the song. It is too special for me. If there can be said, there is a theme song for me, this is the song. The melody, the lyrics and the meaning behind that.

Almost every piece I have made, it has been inspired by music and I have seen how sometimes when I fail to make as good piece as I wanted, the disappointment ruins the song for me. I did not wanted it to happen with this piece. So I was almost giving up that song, but after little thinking decided to go with it - as it is special.. and special things. you have something in common with them.. something you want to tell.

And taking this song was not the only big fear I had to win. I have used my sisters as a models on my manips but never myself. First because I have never thought I am so beautiful as they.. or.. I do not know.. I thought it will look somehow weird.. if I will be working with my own picture.. made my me.. I on it.. I working with it.. but as I was looking for the right model.. I did not find none.. as I felt none of them were fitting with my ideas of the song.. the way the song is special for me.. and for that i took my courage and decided to use stock I made at the start of this year..

I think I managed quite well. At least I am quite happy after those long hours. (mm.. this time under 20 :P so happy) now I will need to go and get something to eat as the last time I ate it was morning.. and is.. night..

What I try to say with this piece? Somehow lyrics say it all on a much better way. But I try to write my thoughts down. Those who know my story, they know that I have been quite lost. Lost soul.. left in the endless winter by someone I loved more than my own life... someone who was so important for me.. and when I needed him most, he just... and when did I found myself then? All I have had and all I have treasured, all my goals - they were just gone with a moment. One moment I had everything i wanted (but did not understand then) and next - it was yesterday. But even if I saw that my life was over, I am and was still so young.. And as the song says - there is still miles to go. I was not allowed to give up then... I was forced by those magnificent people here and by my family to go on. But where... I had nothing to hold on.. nothing I wanted.. I did not know nothing.. lost.. in the endless and unlimited world, so badly wounded inside... as I have always been so emotional... I, like the lyrics say, were trying to find my way home.. my way to somewhere I could be... could feel like a person again.. to see some point of living again.. and I am not sure even still, year and more later, where it place is.. and I want to know where are we going from here?

But does the answer matters so much? Does it matters so much that it is cold, winding and snowing... What matters is the light and hope - that there is something showing the way - that candle represents it. And that candle as it's own story too. It is older more than 20 years.. it was brought by my father to my mother.. before the got married.. they never have burned it.. they just have it on the house, always in front of our eyes.. it is somehow special.. showing that even if we all have hard times.. there is always way out.. if we just believe and trust people who are the most dearest for us.

The room - it is somehow dream. Because I have the bad habit to switch reality with dreams.. as it is much easier to live there.. than cope with problems. I tried to create reflection of perfect winter wonderland - those snowy trees - so soft, so pure snow. And the pool.. the connection between reality and dreams.. between the wonderland.. and those ice banks.. they are bobing from one reality to another.. melting.. they are dreams.. always breaking.. always moving.. changing their shapes. And the sunset.. I am hopeless romantic, that's all :)

Snow... it does not matter that those walls are dreams.. and it does not matter what other think... I live on my own world.. with my own innocence and maybe with little naivety. And I say - let the snow come.. let it snow.. it is my winter.. I love winter.. I now understand that we do not need always someone to stand beside me. I do not need him.. I can cope of my own.. As long as I keep believing...

Iardacil-stock | Simbion-stock | LucieG-stock | LucieG-stock | LucieG-stock | Ilusion-Island-Stock | SheisprettyStock | water splashes and the room from *FrozenStarRo store [link] | + personal (some textures) |+ ( [link] [link] )
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i like the concept of this piece/your description. ...dreams... and reality... is it really that objective?
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