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August 30, 2012


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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 7:20 AM

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Best of... #180 is out:… Magnificent pieces of art from last week!

So, I do not know if I mentioned but I spent my last year as a exchange student in Northern-Ireland. It was probably best year of my life. Belfast was amazingly lively and vibrant place (and tiring and hard on other times). I loved the city. I loved those terraced houses. I oved pink double deckers and those streets lovely for walking. I loved how the city was compact and how there were hills and parks.. I loved the university i was in. It was very refreshing to see different kind of educational system and learn inside it. It made me open my eyes how things can also be done and made me realize how some things are so much better back home. I loved travelling around every weekend - in North, in Republic and my holidays in Scotland. I loved the change to go and listen Christy Moore every month (it was not planned at first but he was amazing in live and so.. I only had those two semesters.. so I took most of it). I loved going to all those random small places I would have never probably gone otherwise. I loved trips to Dublin.. and the history there. I loved university organizing us trips to forest parks. I loved the nature. I loved folk parks and I loved Derry and everything there.. (and sleeping in Bogside what was interesting experience). I loved all the tours I took, all the amazing people I met.. How friendly there were. I loved my Irish classes and going down to Falls for that every week. I loved every bit of it! But sadly, it came to an end.

I think you can imagine that after university, half-time work and all the travelling + all the events I participated, I had almost no time to anything else. So that's the reason behind the lack of new artworks.

Then I came back home and finished my master degree and got accepted to PhD. I did apply to PhD in Northern Ireland too (and I would have loved to stay there, do that prohject etc), got accepted but I could not afford living there (for my year I got scholarship). So, it was dream coming true but also dream not coming true. And in the end, there were too much hassle with the PhD back in my home uni and.. I do not know.. Too many choices and I think I made the wrong one. But it was really stressful period.

So for the summer I just escape from everything.. and now when summer is almost over.. I can promise, there will be new artworks soon. As usually, my summer artwork limit seems to be three. So three new works soon coming and hopefully more after that.

I have missed you all :)

Atlantide by senyphine A Dusty Mount St. Helens by wusk Ophelia by rustymermaid The Golden One by Isriana When The Autumn Is by IrondoomDesign Astral romance by Ameliethe
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We'll miss you too lass.
vikingjon Sep 7, 2012  Professional General Artist
Great that you had a good time and made your way back home! :)
IrondoomDesign Aug 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi :)

Thank you so much by featuring my work! :nod:
Thank you very much for adding my art here, much appreciated :huggle:
senyphine Aug 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you for the feature :heart: Congratulations on your PhD acceptance :clap:
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